Will Libido Return After Stopping Lexapro?

For most people, erectile dysfunction caused by antidepressants isn't permanent. Learn more about how long it takes for libido to return after stopping Lexapro.

Will Libido Return After Stopping Lexapro?

For most people, erectile dysfunction caused by antidepressants isn't permanent. Many individuals observe a gradual return of their libido and sexual function after they cease taking SSRIs. It is common to experience a decrease in sexual desire right after taking antidepressants. On the other hand, your sexual desire is likely to increase in the hours before your next dose, when the effects of the medication start to wear off.

Selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs) are popular medications that can help people get out of dark depression. However, antidepressants have some side effects, including those that can affect your sex life. In addition to reducing interest in sexual intercourse, SSRI medications can impede arousal, sustain arousal, and achieve orgasm. Some people who take SSRIs are unable to reach an orgasm.

These symptoms tend to become more frequent with age. If seeing a real therapist isn't an option for you, for whatever reason, you'll be glad to know that Blueheart is a digital sex therapy app for couples with libido problems. If you've just started taking a new antidepressant, you may start to feel some side effects right away, such as a decrease in your libido. Soon after, I noticed a noticeable decrease in my libido, and getting and maintaining an erection is now much more difficult than before.

I'm going to see a psychiatrist with 25 years of experience, and all he has to say is that it takes a couple of weeks after stopping it to leave the body. I was very scared to read on an online forum where a guy posted saying that after a year without taking SSRIs, he had never regained the healthy libido and feeling he had downstairs before taking the SSRI medication. This is the only thing that makes sense because, before that, my libido was overactive and contributed to my anxiety because the attraction could be very strong with me. It's hard to get an accurate number of people who have low or loss of libido due to antidepressants.

After a thorough review, the agency's Pharmacovigilance Risk Assessment Committee determined that “sexual dysfunction, which is known to occur with SSRI and MRI treatment and which normally resolves after treatment is finished, can last a long time in some patients, even after treatment is stopped. This is not spontaneous, but it may work if you carefully follow your doctor's instructions on how to stop taking the medication and resume it. In other cases, there are brief remissions (days), which are often triggered by stopping a short course of another medication, such as an antibiotic. People who experience low sexual desire due to their depression often find that antidepressants can improve their libido.

The low libido and attenuated emotions also continue, although from time to time I have a brief period of libido and still can't get an erection.

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